Virginia Commonwealth University

Jaclyn Moloney

4th Year Social Psychology PhD Student


820 W Franklin St., rm 131


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Research Interests

My main research interests revolve around the self, affect, and forgiveness. I am interested in studying the intrapersonal and interpersonal effects of self-conscious emotions, such as guilt, shame, and nostalgia. Related to this, I have become interested in understanding how moral emotions influence the self and relationships and what impact mindfulness and self-forgiveness have on these emotions when someone violates a moral standard. I am also interested in forgiveness in close relationships, specifically the impact of third parties (friends or family members).    


Davis, J. L., Green, J. D., Reid, C. A., Moloney, J. M., & Burnette, J. L. (in press). Forgiveness among friends and between unmarried romantic partners and health. In E. L. Worthington, D. Williams, & L. Toussaint (Eds.), Forgiveness and health: Scientific evidence and theories relating forgiveness to better health. New York, NY: Springer.

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